Cybus Crystal Presentation Tray


We invite you to experience interior design in grand style with our Abode Aroma® Crystal Presentation Tray. Designed to feature your Abode Aroma® Cybus collection, this impressively thick and weighty hand-cut, hand-polished crystal tray will be the perfect pièce de resistance/finishing touch to your Cybus display.

The purity and brilliance of crystal creates the ultimate in timeless luxury for your home.

Each distinctive crystal piece in our collection has been hand-crafted by artisan masters, creating an exquisite fusion of classic and contemporary design.

We have packaged our Abode Aroma® Cybus collection with luxurious elegance to make it the perfect gifting option. Each product is presented in a crisp white handmade box embellished with a silver foil inscription and wrapped by a protective acetate cover.


 28cm x 21cm