Cybus Grand Pillars Set 3


Welcome to a majestic world of candle styling with our Abode Aroma® Cybus Trinity of Grand Pillar Crystal Candle Holders.

The exquisite hand-cut and polished crystal pieces are designed to be adored. Each one hand-crafted by an artisan master with a passion for creating an elegant fusion of classic and contemporary design. The trinity of crystal pillar candle holders are designed in three stately heights to create a distinctly elegant centrepiece when grouped together.

The trio’s true quality is reflected in their impressive combined weight of 7.7 kilograms

A – 12cm x 12cm x 57cm (Weight 3.35 kg)

B – 12cm x 12cm x 43cm (Weight 2.25 kg)

C – 12cm x 12cm x 30cm (Weight 2.10 kg)