Gin Kit - The Gin Crafters' Essential Starter Kit - Summer Days White Box

By verde

Make your own gin & create your very own gin label at home!

At Verde, we love gin and wanted nothing more than to be able to create our own and experiment with flavours - so the DIY Gin Kit was born. Gin has a long history of being created through infusion methods using simple botanical blends with Juniper Berries as the core flavour, and this is exactly how this kit works. 

Our Verde DIY Gin Kit has all the essentials you need to get started and makes 2 x 700ml bottles of infused own-made gin. Your kit includes: 

  • A set of classic gin botanicals, including the all-important juniper berries
  • Two glass bottles for infusing your gin
  • A funnel and strainer for ease of making
  • A full set of instructions, including a bit of information on the history of gin, and some of our own favourite gin cocktails! 
  • A bonus set of labels for batching your own in-house gin

We use only the best and freshest botanical ingredients to create our botanical blends, and source as many we can locally. Many of them are organic for the best quality gin possible. Our glass bottles and kit equipment are made to be longlasting, so you can set up your very own gin-making lab to make batch after batch! All you need to do is add in a bottle of vodka as your inert alcohol, and then get creating. Gin-making is a great weekend project, as it only takes around 24-36 hours, and gives you lots of scope for creativity. Experiment, and enjoy! You can create your gin as an in-house specialty, or make tasting bottles as gifts for friends and family. 

Add some extra botanicals:

Our original Gin Kit comes with the Classic Gin Botanicals mix made from quality, fresh ingredients and you can always purchase extras when you’re running low. We have also developed our own speciality botanical mixes so you can have some fun & experiment more as you get experienced.  

Our special Tasmania Inspired Botanical mix is a blend created in the rugged Tasmanian wilderness, and gives you a fresh, verdant gin with peppery notes. 

The exciting Pink Party Gin Botanical mix is great for summer and parties - fruity and fun, pink gin is perfect for making gorgeous cocktails that look and taste great! 

Our gorgeous Southern Blue Gin Botanical mix takes its inspiration from the blustery Southern Ocean that surrounds our little island state, making an ocean-blue gin from natural ingredients! 

(Psst: we have a few more botanicals on the way ready to launch any day! Sign up to know when they are released!)

Our DIY Gin Kits come with great instructions, a potted gin history so you know what you're up against & some great drink recipes to enhance your gin experience. We're sure you'll love them - share your cocktails with us on insta @verde_ginkit!

    Made, designed & created in Tasmania, Australia.  Exclusive to Verde Hobart. Tasmanian DIY Gin Kit by @verde_hobart