Parfums De La Bastide Room Spray – Feuille de Figuier


  • 100ml Room Spray– Fig Leaf- The heat is so oppressing at Solliès in this end of summer, we hide ourselves in the gardens in the shades of the fig trees to relax, to fall slowly asleep in an intensely scented dream…

  • Main notes
    Bergamot, Jacinth, Fig leaves, Vetiver, Fig milk

  • Concentrated at 8%: A few sprays will be enough to perfume your interior.

  • Without conservative, colorant, UV filter

  • Designed and manufactured in Provence

  • Inspired by the Bastide spirit in Provence and the smells of the south, Parfums de la Bastide create specific scents for your home. One single concentrate is chosen as a base that is typical to Provence to create a series of transformative home scents.